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Financial Abuse

Recently I was contacted by They asked

me to share their blog about financial abuse, Financial Abuse: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones. There is a wealth of knowledge in this blog that I, as a survivor of Financial Abuse, wish I had had available. Financial abuse is a devastating form of abuse that is often overlooked by authorities, banks, and even by its victims as abuse. We often think of abuse as strictly physical when abuse can be financial, sexual, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical. Abuse is when one person aims for power and control over another through fear and intimidation. Abuse is all about control. Controlling someone's finances is a definite way to keep someone under your thumb. This can be done by holding all the finances in the house, not allowing the victim to work, and creating debt in the victim's name. Without access to personal finances, thinking about leaving an abusive relationship can be overwhelming, especially if children are involved.

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