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Creating a safe space for growth and exploration.

Coaching & Therapy with Janet Rhodes


Going beyond talk therapy & healing emotions & limiting beliefs at the root cause.

Meet Janet

A Trauma-Informed Equine Wellbeing Coach and Holistic Therapist

I believe that true healing starts from within. As a trained practitioner in various holistic therapies, I am able to offer a unique perspective and approach to mental health and wellness. I use a blend of specialized techniques to help my clients identify the root cause of their issues and create a personalized plan to address them. Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety or any other emotional issue, I am confident that I can help you find genuine relief.

Meet Janet Rhodes

 "A port in the midst of the storm, I can always depend on her sound advice to bring me back to center.


Those of us who live with PTSD should always keep a network of disinterested third parties to bounce our feelings, ideas, or moods off of. To keep a closer grip on the world around us. I've found that here and truly respect her guidance when I'm feeling full of turmoil. I know she understands through experience, education, and faith.


I recommend Rhodes to Wellness Coaching to anyone needing a solid sounding board during these hectic and ever-changing times."

- Kim S

" Janet is very approachable, compassionate and I trusted her completely. She has the patience and knows exactly what to say. I felt safe and understood. Janet handled my sessions with professionalism, tact and empathy. I definitely will use her services again. Highly recommended!!!

- Judy M

" Thank you, Janet! Your coaching has helped me come to some great realizations about myself and about my life. Your kindness and sincerity helped me feel free to open up about things I might not normally share. Answering questions and having someone to reflect back to me where I was at and where I am headed is an invaluable asset. What I thought was important on my "to do" list changed as I went through this process. I gained knowledge that I will use for the rest of my life. Invest in are worth it. 

- Rebecca Lynne

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Let's find your inner peace

  • Let's get to know each other. No pressure. No commitment.

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    30 min

  • Root-Cause Therapy is a trauma healing method that uses regression to...

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    2 hr

    200 Canadian dollars
  • A trauma healing method grounded in neuroscience & ancient healing tra...

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    1 hr

    80 Canadian dollars
  • Healing with hooves. Improving your mental wellbeing holisitically.

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    2 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
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Business Details


Janet Rhodes



Kindersley, Saskatchewan Canada

Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs: 10am-6pm
​​Friday & Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: 12pm-5pm


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Would you like to train to be a Practitioner like myself?

Visit these links from The Centre for Healing to learn how  you to can become a Root-Cause Therapy and/or Embodied Processing Practitioner. Join a Community of warmth & knowledge. 

Ask me how you can receive 10% off of your training!

Embodied Processing Training

Root Cause Therapy

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