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Root-Cause Therapy - Expect to Thrive Program

$1500.00 CAD

10-2 hour sessions


Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful style of therapy that assists people in getting to the root cause of their presenting symptoms. This trauma-healing method allows the completion and release of unprocessed emotions that are still causing unwanted thoughts, negative behaviours, and repetitive choices that keep you stuck. Root-Cause Therapy will enable you to see what limiting beliefs you hold in a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and why you think/feel how you do. This therapy helps you consciously release unwanted patterns with you in the driving seat, along with the knowledge and guidance of your practitioner. I use a set framework to look at all the contributing factors holistically. Then use testing and measuring, then complete trauma and limiting belief healing. The method has been inspired by several processes, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Regression Therapy, Talk Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Breathwork, Kinesiology, and more. The Centre for Healing, where I trained, has used this method since 2016 in their Mental Health and Addiction Centre in Melbourne, conducting thousands of sessions with incredible results. Each session is structured to help prioritize the client's needs in working through & releasing life-long symptoms and past hurts in a gentle yet thorough way. Root Cause Therapy can help you to stop talking about the issues, heal them at a deep level and get at the root cause of your presenting symptoms. If you are experiencing looping patterns, you can't seem to release, negative self-talk, unhelpful habits, behaviours, addictions, anxiety, procrastination, PTSD, low self-belief, or depression because of painful events in the past, or worry about the future, real change is possible. This therapy works on all levels of our mind – the conscious (the part reading this) and the unconscious (which holds our automatically learned behaviours and bottled-up emotions).

This investment includes:

  1. 10 weeks of high-end personalized 1:1 coaching, therapy and mentoring. Sessions are 1-2 hours long.

  2. Creating a resource with you so that you can feel secure in and out of your session.

  3. 8 step pathway to releasing your limiting beliefs and past traumas.

  4. Releasing unprocessed emotions that keep you stuck.

  5. Numerous somatic exercises to regulate and support your nervous system.


  1. Unlimited 1:1 support between sessions via texting or messenger.

  2. Access to my private Facebook group for further support.

  3. Receive a copy of my journal, "Your Daily Journal: For the Thriver in you."

  4. Pay in full and receive another month in the program for free.


$1500 CAD

or $150/week

or 6 monthly payments of $250 CAD

I am also willing to work with a person to figure out a payment plan that works for their budget.

Sessions are done online via video or you can experience this therapy in the calming presence of Janet's horse herd.

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